About Better Building

Better Building has been one of the most consistently used home improvement sites for the last five years. Featuring a highly sophisticated tag and subtag system, Better Building boasts one of the easiest and quickest methods of finding the exact content that a user is seeking. With dozens of in-house contributors, as well as an extremely active community, Better Building generates original, high quality home improvement articles and projects at a steadily increasing rate, ensuring fresh content is readily available.

Our custom search engine provides in-depth tools to find specific information, while our easy to use top banner showcases a variety of sections that are all linked to our tag system. The Better Building Tag System adds tags based on user frequency, ensuring that the most popular and helpful tags are never far away.

In the Articles section users will find numerous articles relating to home improvement, such as detailed projects covered from set up to cleanup, cutting edge techniques, brand new products that push the limits of home care and maintenance, unbiased product reviews and the latest news in anything and everything about home improvement. Our team and community work to confirm that every article is accurate and on subject, and we will remove any article, or any other piece of content, deemed false, off topic, or harmful.

Our Community section focuses on the efforts of our fantastic users. The Projects subsection is home to all of our user-created projects, with detailed instructions and numerous photos to aid our users in every step of reaching their goal. With a highly active community and a complex ranking system, you can be certain that the best community projects will be given the right attention. The Opinions subsection features multiple musings on all aspects of home improvement, ranging from community product reviews to the effectiveness of various home maintenance techniques. Our custom built forum makes it easier than ever to find and interact with people that truly care about home improvement. The Jobs subsection serves as a messaging board to seek out various forms of freelance, and contract, home improvement employment from customers around the nation. Our Blog subsection houses our basic and free blog system, which creates an easy way for our users to build an online presence and form lasting connections. A blog also grants a profile, which entitles users to view, rate and review any product or article on Better Building, and also grants users the ability to tag content. The Advice subsection allows any registered blog user to ask or answer any home improvement, maintenance or restoration question.

The Links section features hand-picked and approved sponsored products that we truly feel represent the best value and function amongst top competing items. A diverse assortment of the best products available, for personal or professional use, can be viewed, purchased, rated, reviewed and tagged. Products are routinely cycled based on the community rating. The Community Rating subtab allows you to organize and view every piece of content on our site. With a few clicks our users can have the best products, projects, reviews and more right at the top of their search.

Better Building was created in an effort to help home improvement experts and hobbyists work, share and learn together. It has since evolved into a central hub dedicated to encouraging original ideas and effective strategies. It’s managed by over 30 writers, editors and journalists, as well as a host of freelance contributors.

Better Builders promote fair pay for good work, and we strive to support those ideals in every aspect of our online presence. We’ve all worked hard to create a community that is truly something to be proud of, and we invite you to discover why over three million users are pleased to call Better Building their online home.